Error getting partition list on SimpliVity

If you have a SimpliVity infrastructure you might have seen this error while doing FLR (file level restore). This means your backups are affected and you cannot fix. You heard well you cannot fix it, but you can prevent it to have the same problem in the feature. I found a work around, just to restore progress. Restore your backup as a vm and follow the same notes for your old backup and your FLR will be worked.

By the way, If you ask me what is the main cause of this problem, In our case, I will tell you Veeam Backup and Replication. Their Change Block Tracking system cause this problem. CBT helps people to get their backup faster because this feature asks virtualization platform what is changed since the last backup and just transfer your backup repository as a backup faster. No need to check everything since the beginning. SimpliVity is also a backup platform and when there is a conflict, I mean both of them getting backup this problam occurs.

I will tell you how to fix your problem and you can still use your backup software with SimpliVity platform. First of all, shutdown your vm and take a backup with SimpliVity then check your vm’s advance setting by typing ctkEnabled and you will see a few of results. You may have a longer list on your case if you have more disks than me. In our case, I only have 2 disks.

Change all values from TRUE to FALSE than click OK, then OK again.

It is not done yet. Go to datastore where vm is located and list all disks which is belong to vm like in the picture below.

Find the all ctk files and delete all of them like in the picture below.

Now you are ready to power on your vm. When vm is powered up then take a manual backup and check if your last backup’s volumes are okey.

The last thing is to do on your veaam backup and replication software, click on your job then Edit, go to Storage section then Advanced… then vSphere. In the Changed Block Tracking section, uncheck Use changed block tracking data (recommended), then OK, and finish your job configuration.

Thanks for your time and for reading my article. I wish you a good and successful day.


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