VMware Certification Tracks

Vmware has been announced the VMware Certification Tracks to their clients via their official VMware Twitter account. Those who interested in taking the certification can follow these steps to take certification.

VMware Certification Tracks

Firstly you need to take a recommended training course for VMware before taking the exam of VCA. After the VCA exam, you have to choose your certification path which you want to continue.

You see the path of the Certification at the below.

VMware Certification Tracks

If you want to save this certification way as pdf on your computer please click here.

Following steps are given for example for Professional (VCP) track.

Required steps to be a VCA;

  • You need to take a recommended course of WMware
  • VCA exam

Required steps to be a VCP;

You can choose your career path to continue after the VCA exam. After that, you have to take a required training course for WMware before the VCP exam.

  • A VMware official training course
  • VCP exam

After those steps, you will be a VCP, but if you want to continue until the end of the way, you have to take VCAP and VCDX certifications.

If you want to read more about VMware you can visit the VMware category.

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